Root Beer Candy

There are just some times when a delicious, frosty root beer just isn't practical in it's liquid form. Also, sadly, some parts of the world just don't sell root beer. There is hope, however! There are numerous candy companies on the Internet that sell root beer candy through mail order. Now you can enjoy that great root beer taste anywhere!

I've also been told that there is a company in Canada that sells root beer flavored lollipops. They can be contacted at: The Candy Tree Company, B12-416 Meridian Blvd. SE, Calgary, Alberta. (403) 235-3400. Thanks to Andrew Dickman for this information.

Another reader informed me that he hand makes a root beer float Glycerin soap. He says it smells just like root beer and is a beautiful clear brown root beer color with a white piece in the middle (the float). Each bar is 4 ounces, and is made, cut, stamped, and wrapped by hand. You can order soap from citrusparksoap [at] aol [dot] com for $3.00 plus shipping per bar. Thanks to Pete Jensen for this information.

E-mail me if you know of any other stores that sell root beer candy.