Taste Test Contest

A few co-workers and I put together a root beer taste test contest at work a while back. It was great! We had our taste test and a pizza "party" during our lunch break. Here's what we did, and how you can do your own.

  1. Notify everyone in advance of the plan, and start collecting money from them.
  2. Purchase little paper "bathroom cups" and the root beer. A little root beer will go a long way for taste testing.
  3. Before you start the contest, assign each root beer a number, ie. Hires=1, IBC=2, Mug=3, etc. Label the bottom of each cup with the numbers of your root beers. Only you should know which root beer goes with which number.
  4. Pour a sample of the number 1 root beer into the number 1 cups, the number 2 root beer into the number 2 cups, etc. Each person should have their own cup of each of the root beers.
  5. When each person has their cups, they should sample each root beer and line them up in order of their favorite.
  6. If a person needs a refill, you can fill the cup with the number that the root beer cooresponds with. For example, if their "number 3" is out, you fill it (where they cannot see, of course) with the root beer that you gave the number 3 to.
  7. When everyone has their favorites picked out, take your vote!

Ours worked out to where Hires and A & W tied for first, Shasta came in second, IBC came in 3rd.